WordPress Coupon Plugins

Now a days, Coupon Management Sites are very popular and also a good way to customer increasing technique for an e-commerce site. So, I tried to come with a bunch of well known , best , coupon management plugins for wordpress:

1. JC Coupon Lite plugin :

JC Coupon Plugin

This plugin is used to manage coupons which will work nicely with posts and pages. It will work evenly with on sidebar as widget .

I prefer this coupon plugin as it has expiry , when the expiry date is over it will not shown in site. Also easily customizable design facility makes this plugin more effective for the developers.

2.Coupon Creator:

Coupon Creator

 Coupon Creator another solution of Coupon plugin of wordpress. It supports shortcode , customizable design , very easy color customization with expiry date .

3.NIC Discount Coupon Management:

NIC Discount Coupon Plugin

This is another good wordpress coupon plugin , it has the facility to add discount along with others coupon facility .

 4. Coupon Store:

Coupon Store – WordPress Coupon Plugin

This is most wonderful plugin for wordpress coupon store , its has the facility to print coupons, and copy to clipboard facility . Also supports shortcodes to display with customizable design facility.



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