Unravelling the story of SharePoint Server 2016 Release

With the unveil of SharePoint 2016 by Microsoft, businesses have been introduced to a wide range of opportunities for improving their on-premises infrastructure. With its launch, SharePoint Developers will be able to get a foundation for intelligent, modern intranets and content collaboration. It delivers a series of foundational refinements which, upgrades the quality of on-premises solutions.

Value of SharePoint Server 2016

It delivers significant value in 3 areas:

  • Cloud-inspired infrastructure

It represents a SharePoint’s advanced generation, which scale up the utility of Office 365 and generate higher investments into SharePoint Online to the data center for improving reliability, performance, scale and manageability.

It is derived from the existing code, which is used for delivering SharePoint Online- a code, which has been validated by millions of people over the years. This specific unified code base facilitates updates and support across both SharePoint Server and Office 365. Moreover, it facilitates a uniform set of APIs, which span the cloud and on-premises, thereby enabling partners and clients to innovate in an easier seamless way.

  • Compliance and Reporting

DLP or Data Loss Prevention is non-negotiable. Moreover, overexposure to information may have compliance and legal implications. SharePoint Server 2016 comes with a wide array of capabilities and features designed for ensuring that confidential information always remain well-guarded with the investments in DLP, latest scenarios for enabling compliance tools and data encryption, which span on Office 365 and on-premises servers while maintaining a balance in between ensuring the content usage adhered to corporate policies and authorizing user self-service.  

  • Enhanced user experiences

This platform brings a series of innovations for better user experiences from Office 365 to the on-premise farm, with refinements to navigation and document libraries, which are consistent in relevance to Office 365. All these updates have been proved to be successful in driving adoption to Office 365, which will benefit SharePoint Server. As for hybrid clients, they are going to witness seamless user experience, which spans from DataCenter directly to the cloud. Furthermore, the touch-based experience and mobile access in team sites have also been improved.

Thus, by making significant investments in compliance, reporting and cloud-inspired infrastructure, SharePoint Server 2016 serves as the most reliable, highest quality and most scalable release of SharePoint.

We are focused to increase the value from SharePoint Online to SharePoint Server of the data center. By moving to the unified code-base, it will get the scope to accelerate its ability to offer high-value innovation in three possible ways.

  • Seamless integration for innovating Office 365 experiences and features.
  • Unified, Integrated and hybrid experiences.
  • On-premises features and experiences.

The future of SharePoint Server is surely bright, which will empower your on-premise infrastructure and drive greater success to your organization.

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