Top Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks In 2020

Considering the surge of using Smartphones and other smart devices, the shift from desktop applications to mobile apps was evident. With developing mobile apps, from small companies to large corporate houses can reach out for better and enormous audience at once. But, whenever a business establishment decides to develop a mobile application to promote its business in a better way, which framework they would choose becomes one of the most crucial factors. Among the mobile app development framework, the hybrid approach seems to be tempting to both the startups and established business owners.

Without any further delay, let’s dive into the top hybrid mobile app frameworks in 2020.

Angular 8

Since its first emergence, Angular has always been the most popular javascript mobile app framework. In August 2019, Angular 8, the latest version of the Angular framework came into existence to win the hearts again.


  • Different Loading
  • Ivy Rendering Engine
  • Router Backwords compatibility
  • Bazel support, etc., to name a few.

React JS

React JS is an open-source framework that developers can use to build mobile apps with Javascript. React JS framework makes the mobile app development procedure simpler, but the developed applications come with the promise of better user experiences.


VueJS is a lightweight mobile app development framework that enables the developers to build highly functional applications packed up with better user experiences. VueJS is loaded with benefits like lightweight size, easy to set up, effortless documentation, the support of JSX, etc.


IONIC is one of the most popular and mostly used hybrid frameworks for developing mobile apps. INOIC is an HTML5 framework packed with UI elements.

  • IONIC framework is easy to set up.
  • Compatible with CSS, HTML AngularJS or Javascript technologies.
  • IONIC framework is easy to maintain.
  • With IONIC, developers can build highly functioned mobile applications.


Many experienced mobile app developers prefer using the PhoneGap framework. With using PhoneGap, one can develop robust, highly functioned, feature-loaded applications only for smartphones.

  • PhoneGap is an opensource hybrid platform.
  • PhoneGap includes technologies like HTML Javascript and CSS3.
  • PhoneGap built applications support iOS, Android, Palm, BlackBerry, iPad, etc.


With more than 1.4 billion developers are using Xamarin, this hybrid mobile app framework holds a wide community around the world. Most of the time, developers prefer Xamarin to build superly-functioned business mobile applications.

  • For the technical support of Xamarin, Microsoft covers all.
  • Developers can easily run tests of applications on Xamarin platform.
  • Xamarin is an excellent choice to build business mobile apps.

Framework 7

Framework 7 is one of the coolest mobile app developing frameworks. It works independently; the users do not need to get support from React or Angular.

  • The knowledge in CSS, HTML or JavaScript is enough to work with Framework7.
  • Developers can use tons of animation while working with Framework7.
  • Framework7 is license-free.


Nativescript is a true native app using native components. With Nativescript developers can build robust and fully-featured native applications for iOS.

  • Nativescript is an opensource app development framework.
  • With Nastivescript developers can build applications for both Android and iOS devices.
  • While using Nativescript, developers can get support from Vue.JS

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