Responsive jQuery Gallery

Here I want to discuss about Responsive Image Galleries build with CSS , jQuery. Now , every sites are responsive to view in a proper way of  different devices.

I tried to gather some of them in a page , later I will gather rest of all . Here are:

1.  SS Gallery: is a Responsive jQuery Gallery Plugin with CSS3 Animations . 

SS Gallery
SS Gallery

It is touch optimized, HTML 5 supported . A number of customization available . It supports key (arrow key for navigation, shift key for back  etc)  , which is added advantage . More over it’s awesome animation gives another feather on it.

2. Galleria :

Galleria Image Gallery
Galleria Image Gallery

I found this awesome gallery . Like other gallery it also supports  different options , apart from it , it’s functions are autoplay, carousel, carouselSpeed, Carousel, carouselSteps, clicknext, dailymotion ,dataConfig( [HTML element] ), dataSelector and like many more.


Elastislide   A Responsive Image Carousel


It ‘s another responsive carousal image gallery. When we want to make a website , sometimes it needed to have a carousal of image gallery , and here it comes with in responsive manner.  It has the following settings for using: orientation, speed, easing, minItems, start , onClick , onReady , onBeforeSlide , onAfterSlide etc.

4. PHOTO Swipe

Photo Swipe
Photo Swipe

This is also responsive image gallery , it’s main advantage is , it works nicely on touch devices.  It is free HTML , CSS , JS gallery .  It is compatible with android, ios, blackberry . It has number of configuration to customize and use it: , allowUserZoom , autoStartSlideshow ,  allowRotationOnUserZoom , backButtonHideEnabled , captionAndToolbarAutoHideDelay , captionAndToolbarFlipPosition , captionAndToolbarHide ,captionAndToolbarOpacity , preventSlideshow etc. I used it , it woks fine for me.

5. Refine Slide

Refine Slide

A 3D transformation responsive HTML , CSS , JS  gallery . It nicely support IE 7 + and other browsers.

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