How to Release Stress in WorkPlace?

Corporate restructuring is faced by every four people out of ten, who are working at large companies, which lead to uncertainty of their future. Stress is a part of everyday routine of a person, be it a housewife or a businessman. From the early morning till the time you lay in bed, your mind is always running, worrying about various things that had happened the same day or maybe that are going to happen the next day. The mind does not stop, ever. Even when you are  asleep, your subconscious brain is working.

Meditation in today’s fast moving life is next to impossible. Who has got the time to wake up early, sit in a quiet place for 10-15 minutes so as to be able to concentrate? I guess no one.  Following are a few tips to help you ease your stress at work without putting your time at stake:

  1. The Right Diet and Sleep Tight

A minimum sleep of 6-8 hours is necessary for every adult, but do any of us actually obey it? It is proved by many researches that a person who eats right and sleeps well lives a longer, healthier and stress free life. 

You must decrease the intake of food items high in sugar content as they slower the metabolism system of your body and thus the transfer of energy becomes slow because of which a you start feeling tired after half a day. Sleep sufficiently so that your body gets enough time to rest, relax and rejuvenate.

  1. Priorities are a Must

Set your priorities straight and then work accordingly. Jot down your personal goals and the goals of the organization you are working and pick the common points. Weigh the common and uncommon points. Get the clarity of what is more important and what is not. Put in the amount of effort and dedication required by the organization. Extra efforts won’t fetch you good marks but would surely make your family suffer. To release stress in workplace it is very important to work in accordance with your priorities over company’s goals, but don’t ever get too personal that your profession suffers. 

  1. Power To Influence

You must have learnt the art of influencing people around you. So, now is the time to utilize your skills. Always be polite and say the rudest things possible in the sweetest tone ever to get your work done. If you would be blunt and speak in a critical tone, no one would like it rather, would feel uncomfortable working with you. It is very important to mind your words.
Meditation, deep breathes, back counting are all outdated techniques to release stress in workplace now. Tricks, tactics and smartness are the new stress busters these days.

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