How To Avoid Heart Attacks?

Heart attacks have grown so common in most places in the world that finding a heart attack patient in your family or vicinity is not difficult at all. The reasons for this has been found out to be the result of wrong lifestyle while medical science has found out the genetic or hereditary causes behind heart diseases and attacks. The general cause of heart attack is the blockage of the heart due to deposition of cholesterol in the interior walls of the arteries that leads to blockage in the smooth flow of the blood. But there are some interesting methods to prevent heart attack these days and some of them are listed below. 

Chocolate Consumption

In August 2011, according to a study it has been found out that a higher consumption of chocolate can prove to be a preventive measure for stopping heart ailments and specifically strokes or heart attacks. To be more specific researchers behind this study has found out that the percentage in the reduction of stroke is 29 percent while 37 percent less likely is the risk of catching cardiovascular disease if you have chocolates. 

Moderate Alcohol Consumption

A thirty year long conducted research has proved that there is a lesser amount of risk to those who consume moderate levels of alcohol every day. This fact was out at the British Medical Journal which says that there is a 25% less risk to those who drink moderate amounts of going through a stroke. A pint of normal beer in the UK is similar to 8 grams of pure alcohol which according to research should be consumed. The risk lies in the fact that for those who drink more than that always has the risk of catching high blood pressure, damage to the heart and even cancer.

Changing Lifestyle Measures

Lifestyle patterns in the modern day leave men with a higher risk of stroke. It must be remembered that stroke is a result of days of neglect which actually takes the form of a health hazard or danger. 

  • The British Medical Journal has published that those who do not brush their teeth regularly twice a day face a problem of catching heart disease as there is a connection between the gums to the smooth running of the heart.
  • Keeping oneself in an exercise routine can actually help to avoid strokes. The fitness of the body even through an hour walk every day helps to keep the heart healthy.
  • For those who do go for a strict routine has to go for a good healthy diet where there is a reduced amount of fat and proteins. This otherwise help in the growth of cholesterol that deposit in the inner layers of the arteries leading to stroke.

It is a wrong notion that strokes only affect older people. Irregularity in the medicines for blood pressure can also be a reason for stroke. Hence also have a note on this.

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