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Hi, my friends, do you want 1000, 1000 Facebook likes Free for your pages??? Oh, yes , you can get that with out spending any single bucks. Now the question is how? Right , here are the way.

Now a days Facebook became a very much popular and our so many friends are connected through Facebook network .

So, here are the ways of getting Facebook Likes free.

1. Ask your friends to come on your Facebook page and give a likes and also as k your friends to ask their friends too for this .I know its tough , time taking process to reach 100 likes , but these are likes are genuine best replica watches, real likes. Yes, I know that you already tried with that and you get hardly 400-500 likes . So, the second one says the way that you want to know.

2. I know you are reading this topic only for this points , yes, you can get easily 1,000 – 10,000 Likes for your Facebook Page by Like Exchange methods. Now question is what is Like Exchange method? Right? In like exchange method you get number of likes depending on spending points of each click (CPC) at free. I used for this. Register here and you will get 50 Bonus Points . Now add your site like Facebook Page, Twitter Page, even youtube videos for likes , views and sharing . Now , if you to earn points free just share , like the posts , likes pages, share youtube videos .

So, earn points by exchanging likes, sharing posts, views is the easiest way to get your Facebook Page likes Free.

Here are steps:

1. Go toΓ‚ addmefast.comΓ‚ , Register/Login with your mail address and password.



2.Γ‚ Free Points

In the above picture you will get that “Website Hits” , in this way you will earn points easily ,a new tab will be open and automatically hits will continued to different website and you will get points.

Also , you can see that a marked points are showing on right top corner. Now, I am showing the how to add a site. Add Edit Content


In the above picture just place the URL of your page Like: , then give a Title and choose the type of your page , i.e. Facebook Page, Youtube etc. Now, set the CPC as I already described it. That’s it. After that you will be redirected to the following image. My Sites


Please keep in mind that you will get 150 Daily bonus if you actively work on this site at least 20 Likes, Share or Views.

So, my friends accelerate yourself to give 1000s Likes, Views to your page.

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