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jQuery is a wonderful JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development. jQuery and JavaScript are now best choice of web designer to make there Web application more Dynamic and attaractive. jQuery Graph is very effective because it reduce the execution time and any device can display this graph.

There are somany Jquery graph are available, Some one is attactive and every jquery graph has its special features, Here I am discussing about free and flexable jquery graph


Free Jquery graph
D3 js

D3 allows developers to bind arbitrary data to a Document Object Model , and then apply data-driven transformations to the document. Suppose, we can use D3 to generate an HTML table from an array of numbers. Or, use the same data to create an interactive SVG bar chart with smooth transitions and interaction.

D3 is not a monolithic framework that seeks to provide every conceivable feature. Instead, D3 solves the crux of the problem: efficient manipulation of documents based on data. This avoids proprietary representation and affords extraordinary flexibility, exposing the full capabilities of web standards such as CSS3, HTML5 and SVG. With minimal overhead, D3 is extremely fast, supporting large datasets and dynamic behaviors for interaction and animation. D3’s functional style allows code reuse through a diverse collection of components and plugins.

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jqPlot JS
jqPlot JS
jqPlot did not catch my eye at first glance but after further research I found it to be one of the best and free jQuery chart library. Numerous graphical options are available you can even add shadows and interact per drag&drop in the charts! It even automatically computes trend lines. We could compare it to highcharts in terms of features and functionality.
Computation and drawing of lines, axes, shadows even the grid itself is handled by pluggable “renderers”. Not only are the plot elements customizable, plugins can expand functionality of the plot too! There are plenty of hooks into the core jqPlot code allowing for custom event handlers, creation of new plot types, adding canvases to the plot, and more!

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jQWidgets is a complete and modern widget library built on best of the jQuery JavaScript Library. It provides developers to deliver professional, cross-browser compatible web applications, while significantly minimizing their development time.

(i) Feature complete widgets for jQuery and customizable architecture.
(ii) Works on PC, Touch and Mobile Devices and great performance .
(iii)Search-engine friendly,Easy PHP & ASP .NET integration and how-to demos.
(iv) Outstanding technical assistance provided by software developers.

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    1. It is very easy to use, Each sample have “View Demo” link , Go to this link and there is download link is available.

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