Does Modern Lifestyle Produce Any Impact on Health?

Gone are the days when an apple a day keeps doctor away held any importance in life of people?  Vitamin pills have taken place of apples or better say it fruits, gyms and treadmills have taken place of morning walks. The youth of today is more inclined towards the so called modern lifestyle. But the question arises is it necessary that modern lifestyle is also a healthy one?

 Importance of Health

All of us have heard a famous and common saying from our parents and elders in our life that “Health is Wealth”. Which means that a good health is actual wealth not pieces of gold, silver and money in the bank accounts. One should take care about his/her own health on daily routine basis because a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. A person can buy each and everything but not happiness, satisfaction, peace and good health. Only a healthy person can gain happiness, satisfaction and peace in his/her life. If you are having everything in your life that you want but not a good health then everything is in vain. A good health is main mantra for achieving success in life. It is also right that for good health we need money and for money we need good health. A healthy person just needs to spend some money only on his health on regular basis. However, on the other hand an unhealthy person needs to spend more money throughout his life on consulting doctors, purchasing medicines and taking medical treatments. An unhealthy person can’t perform well at his/her workplace and not even at home also. Good health helps us to work more happily and without getting tired. 

Impact of Modern Life Style

Nowadays people are suffering from diseases like Stress, Cancer, Diabetes, heart disease and fatal disease. If you will talk to someone regarding any disease then definitely he/she will be suffering from some kind of disease and this is the impact of modern lifestyle on our health. No doubt modern life style has made our living very comfortable but it is impacting our health also. In older days people used to get their work done by own and they had to put some physical efforts in that regard. In modern time machines are doing that work. Today’s life is so busy and hectic that people have no time for this. Everything is ready-to-make from food to everything with the one click you can get the things done. There is so much competition in the individual’s life that there is no physical mental stability. People are so much busy in their work that they are not having enough time to even sleep or take rest also. Maximum of the time people are spending sitting in offices working with machines taking junk food and this leads towards poor health.

Tips for Good Health

Nowadays good health is a matter of concern with changing modern lifestyle. Here are some tips for good health:

  • Do some exercise physical work, walk and yoga daily to gain physical and for mental stability.
  • Take balance diet to avoid any deficiency in your body that will help to fight against diseases.
  • Take proper sleep and rest at least 6-7 hours of sleep for good health.

By doing these things on daily basis we can gain good health and stay safe from diseases. We should manage our all work properly and give some time daily to take care of health.   

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