Benefits of Vitamin D

Our body needs lots of Vitamins and minerals to function smoothly on regular basis. Vitamin A, B, C, D, E and minerals like iron, calcium, manganese, proteins and so on are a must for a healthy body. One must ensure to include foods which are rich in all the above components. The following article will throw a light on Vitamin D, its importance and sources to be obtained.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble substance which plays a major role in our body. Vitamin D is said to regulate the immune system and the cells in the body. It helps in cell modulation and prevents inflammation. It promotes calcium storage in the gut  and helps to maintain serum calcium and phosphate concentrations. This serum in return mineralizes the bone and thus makes it strong and helps it to grow. It also helps in preventing cancer.

Benefits of Vitamin D:

Prevention of Osteoporosis:

The post-menopausal women are always advised to take Vitamin D along with calcium supplements. This will prevents osteoporosis and loss of ones in the body. We have four parathyroid glands located in our neck. This parathyroid gland produces PTH hormone which stores calcium and phosphorus. Thus, Vitamin D helps in dealing with disorders related to parathyroid glands.

Regulated High BP:

It is also said that Vitamin D helps to regulate the high blood pressure. People with low Vitamin D are more prone high blood pressure. An individual must not be completely dependant on Vitamin D to cure High BP. It is advisable to consult a doctor as the body is unique in its own way.


Vitamin D is also said to assist in dealing with Type 2 diabetes. People who regularly consume Vitamin D are less prone to contact Type 2 diabetes.


We all are a victim of obesity and we all have tried ample ways to deal with it. Obesity invites various diseases and hence it should always be dealt at the earliest. Research says that people with less quantity of Vitamin D are slightly obese when compared to people who possess this Vitamin.

Heart Diseases:

Low levels of calcium in the body creates building up of calcium in arteries. This can lead to strokes or other heart diseases if you have atherosclerosis. It is also proved that low volume of Vitamin D in body may invite to heart attacks, strokes and other related diseases. `

Prevention Of Cancer:

Consuming calcium and Vitamin D together can prevent Colon Cancer. It is also said that proper intake of Vitamin D can help to lower your chances for breast, prostate pancreas and skin cancer. However, it is solely not responsible for preventing cancer. It is just a tool to assist. One cannot be solely rely on calcium and Vitamin D to deal with Cancers.

Sources of Vitamin D:

The sunlight is the natural source of Vitamin D. Our skin absorbs the Vitamin D whenever we are exposed to sunlight. The absorption varies form the color of the skin. A fair skin takes 45 minutes to absorb the Vitamin  whereas a black skin take 3 hours to absorb the Vitamin. Ths other sources could be fish, such as tuna and salmon. Milk and cereals are great for vegetarians to get enough amount of Vitamin D. Regular intake of eggs also supplies ample amount of Vitamins along with proteins. You can also take additional supplements to fulfill the body’s need of Vitamin D.

Hope this article has been useful to you. It is suggested not to take an overdose of Vitamin D.

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