5 Ways to Increase Watch Time of Business Videos on YouTube

So you have a YouTube channel, and you desperately want to increase your YouTube Video’s watch time?

Are you unsure about whether your viewers are getting engaged in your content on YouTube?

In this surge of social media, YouTube, one of the most popular video platforms, has become an integral part of social media ranking. The watch time of video primarily relates to how many people are watching your video and for what amount of time. When people like a video or find it worthwhile to watch, they like, comments, or share; otherwise they just walk away. Although there is no such a predefined formula to make a video viral on YouTube, still with following a few strategies, you can fine-tune your YouTube videos to ensure a longer watching session from the viewers. What are they?

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Add Your Video to The Playlist

The recent surge of web series has affected the video watching taste of people. They like to watch videos come in a series form. Nowadays, most of the internet users prefer watching episodic video content rather than a single one. Whether you are up to creating business videos, educational videos or recipe videos on YouTube, try to maintain a series. This will keep your viewers engaged in your content. It is, in fact, always effective to come with a playlist and maintain a series of videos you want to play on youtube. It is the surefire to increase your viewers and their watch time as well.

Social Sharing

Have you tried social sharing?

If you are desperate to push the popularity of your Youtube videos, social sharing is a must to do. In the case of increasing video watch timing, social sharing makes wonders. Research shows most of the time people find quality videos on social media websites. When someone connects to your YouTube channel or business videos, if they like it they will share it with their friends. And in this way, your video’s watching time will increase by default.

Choose The Right Audience

This is the most important factor that triggers your viewers to watch your video on YouTube. No matter what purpose you have to post videos on YouTube, you have to reach out to the right audience. Of your video in the right hand, at the right time, a huge number of people will watch it. When your videos will hook more and more viewers, your YouTube ranking and video watch time will get higher automatically.

Keep An Eye On The Analytics

Do you keep a watchful eye over the Audience Retention report on a regular basis?

If not, then do it. On studying analytics, you will understand at what point your viewers are leaving your video. You will then get the chance to make your videos more engaging and entertaining. If your audience finds your videos interesting and useful at the same time, why would they drop off? So, try to focus on creating cascading and useful videos rather than making a video lengthy and boring.

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