10 Best Web Analytics Tools For Online Marketers

web analytics

You have enrolled in your name for a trending training course. But, unless you study hard, it may not be possible to accomplish the training and reach your goal.

Likewise, just having a website does not mean that your business holds a strong online presence. You have to go through the mindset of your visitors to make your website dazzle on the web. While each of your visitors generates its own set of data, they need to be analyzed and reported according to your visitor’s age, location, gender, etc., the importance of using web analytics comes to the front. Enlighten your brain about the top and most popular web analytics to boost your sales and flourish your online business.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the most used and the top free web analytics tool that helps online business owners in tracking their web traffic and analyzes the data as well. With Google Analytics, you can generate reports for your website regarding your visitors, content, source of your web traffic, market goals, etc.

Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is another great paid web analytics tool, the best suitable for e-commerce and content-based websites, blogs, etc. Large business enterprises tangled between the complicated systems integrations can opt for Adobe Analytics.


Since Clicky analytics first emerged in the tech world, it is buzzing across the world for its high functionalities and being reliable. With Clicky, you can get some real-time business updates, get inside to your traffic source, and dig into your traffic generated data. Clicky comes with both free and paid plans.


Being popular among the website owners, mobile apps owners, Smartlook helps users to get instant insight into their web traffic and data analyzing features. Smartlook web analytics fits for all sizes of businesses, from small to large.


Leadfeeder enables marketing and sales professionals to analyze web traffic and their behavior in the most effective way. You can go for a free trial with Leadfeeder before you invest your money.


Many of the digital marketers prefer using Hotjar to optimize the conversion rate of websites. With unlocking features like form analytics, feedback and survey polls, conversion funnel analytics, etc., you can grow your business fast. Hotjar is available for both paid and free subscriptions.


Kissmetrics is another popular web analytics that helps business owners to get a perfect insight into their visitors. By using behavioral analytics, email campaign automation, you can track and increase your customer engagement. At first, you can go for the free trial for 30days, and then opt for the paid plan.


Statcounter analytics aids marketers in getting real-time statistics on their website. With Statcounter , you can track all of your visitors, what pages they are going through, etc. and it charges starting from $9 per website.


If you are desperate to know how your audience interacts with your website, Clicktale will help you out. With this analytics tool in your pocket, you can easily get insight into your viewers, how they are interacting with your web pages, etc.


Woopra is one of the most reliable web analytics that allows the user to get real-time updates, analytics tracking of their websites. With providing real-time visitors stats, Woopra helps business owners, marketers, to make proper decisions on time.

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