Tips to Prevent WordPress Site Hack

Now a days wordpress sites are hacked by hackers very frequently . So, everybody are increasing their involvement on their blog to prevent it. I am also . So, I took this following prevention measurement to protect my blog from Hackers. 1. When you are going to install wordpress please change table prefix “wp” to […]

Call another plugin into your own WordPress plugin

In wordpress , there are several plugins are available for different job. Suppose you have to write a plugin for multiple jobs. These respective plugins are also available. Then simply you can attach third party plugin into your plugin. At first find the below code for the third party plugin which you want to include […]

Some Valuable WordPress Points

How to remove unnecessary <br>,<p></p> tag from WordPress WYSIWYG editor? Ans: I know sometimes it’s very irritating that unnecessary <br> tag coming out from the WordPress WYSIWYG Editor after <select> tag . It can remove by adding filtration in theme function.php file. remove_filter( ‘the_content’, ‘wpautop’ ); remove_filter( ‘the_excerpt’, ‘wpautop’ ); How to block Spam Comment […]

Get Facebook Likes Free

Hi, my friends, do you want 1000, 1000 Facebook likes Free for your pages??? Oh, yes , you can get that with out spending any single bucks. Now the question is how? Right , here are the way. Now a days Facebook became a very much popular and our so many friends are connected through […]

Image Resize Component for CakePHP

Hi my friends. Every CakePHP¬†developer googling several times to find an Image resize component for their development . Here I tried to give them a solution . I used it in several times in several apps , though the main logic I found on google after that I made it for CakePHP. Please check the […]