We are making an alert using simple Javascript . The following code will add an alert by using an HTML button and the onClick event. An alert dialog box is mostly used to give a warning message to the users. Like if one input field requires to enter some text but user does not enter […]

WordPress most needed plugin for a website

When you are creating WordPress website you should have the following plugin in your hand to make the site ready and launch in public . This plugin are related to security, performance , enhancement . Here are these: 1. Contact Form 7   When you are creating a website you should have a Contact Form , […]

WordPress Event Management

Some of my friends wants to know for some event calendar plugin for wordpress. Here are some best event management plugin : 1. Event Organiser This is an awesome Event Management Plugin for WordPress , its has number of facility like Google Map with venue , event calendar with number of custom options, expiry date […]

Odesk PHP Programming Skills Test Answer 2013

For the presence of your freelance accounts in Odesk, Elance with good quality you have to make a good a result in PHP Programming Skills Test . Here are the solutions, I try to combine them what I have found so far.   1.  Write a function declared as function ReformatPhoneNumber($number), whose argument will contain string […]

WordPress Coupon Plugins

Now a days, Coupon Management Sites are very popular and also a good way to customer increasing technique for an e-commerce site. So, I tried to come with a bunch of well known , best , coupon management plugins for wordpress: 1. JC Coupon Lite plugin : This plugin is used to manage coupons which will […]

CSS Tool Tip

CSS makes easier to make a tool tip. Now a days most of them using jquery Tool Tip, But the css Tooltip makes easy and makes less execution time. Personally I am a developer and I am also using this tooltip. At First put your tooltip text into “rel” attribute. Then add a class “tooltip” […]