5 Things That Helps Developers or Designers

Here I want to share for my developers and designer friends , what I found to help us to create a better website . 1. To find technology of a website : Some times we need to know that a website is built on which technology or programming language . Here I found www.builtwith.com .   Builtwith […]

CSS Tool Tip

CSS makes easier to make a tool tip. Now a days most of them using jquery Tool Tip, But the css Tooltip makes easy and makes less execution time. Personally I am a developer and I am also using this tooltip. At First put your tooltip text into “rel” attribute. Then add a class “tooltip” […]

New input types in HTML5

HTML5 gives us different input type Which makes very easy to implement HTML code. The input types are given below. Type Value tel The input is of type telephone number search The input field is a search field url a URL email One or more email addresses datetime A date and/or time date A date […]

New tags in HTML5

Now a days HTML so easy with HTML5, which is the fifth version HTML (created in 1990 and standardized as HTML 4 in 1997). HTML5 came with a no of features, I tried to figure out here some of them: 1. Offline: Means browser support . HTML5 support Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Opera MINI, Opera Mobile, […]