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Red Hot Lipsticks To Attract Men

Gaining the attention of the men around you is something you would always want and therefore you
make every effort to present yourself in the best possible manner from head to toe.
Before going for a date you try everything, from your hair styles to your toe nail colors you try every
possible thing that appeals the most to you and then every dress that makes you look slim and hot and
then finally you go for the little black dress that makes you look slim and enhance your curves and then
before leaving your house you apply that red lip color very gracefully on your lips that adds an oomph to
your look so that the man you are meeting could not take his eyes of you.
It is said that the best curves on a woman’s body are her lips and thus the fact it true. A true man
admires the smile of her partner over her curvaceous body. To attract the attention of a man, a woman
should be able to “pout” her lips in the best manner possible and should not bother applying old and
redundant techniques of flicking the hair or fluttering the eye lashes. A beautiful pout with the most
sensuous color, red, makes a man go head over heels for his girl.
According to the scientists, men usually spend half of their time gazing and admiring the lips of the lady
they are meeting for the very first time, right after the initial 10 seconds. And if the lady is wearing a
lipstick in the hue of pink then the man could not stop staring even for a second. He could possible
control and look away for not more than 6 to 7 seconds.
The lipsticks have great impact on the men to the extent that they could admire the lips of a woman
wearing a lip color for around 7 seconds continuously where as men would look at the lips of a
women without a lip color for not more than 2.5 seconds.
A study conducted recently, stated that men are attracted by the red lipsticks the most above all the
other colors. The color red enhances and brings definition to the lips more than any other color and
It does not matter whether you have thin lips or full lips the vital thing is that your lips must always
seem luscious with that blood red lip color beautifully worn by you, defining your lips perfectly and
giving them a beautiful shape, nothing more than those lips could attract men. Lips are said to be
the most sensual aspects of the women’s body and lips play the most critical role for women in
gaining the sexual attraction from men. The lips that gain maximum attention from men are full lips
with red color splashed on them radiantly reflecting the light falling on them over the lips without
any lipstick on. The shape and size of the lips does not matters at all if they are covered beautifully
with lip color, as men turn blind eye to the shape and size if the lips are presented in an attractive

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