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What Your Sleep Position Says About You?

After a hard days labour all that you seek the most is your bed and pillow. Sleep indeed is the biggest stress buster and refreshment that one can seek. But there are many who have finickiness about they sleep in what positions and also the proper arrangements of the beds. Among these the thing to note is the position they sleep. Research says that no sleeping positions may be fixed for a person throughout the life or may change from time to time. the reason behind this is that sleeping positions speak a lot about the personality of any human being. 

 Connection between different Sleeping Positions and Personality

  • Foetus Position: 41 percent of the people usually have a tendency to sleep in this position. Curling up like a foetus inside the body indicates that they present themselves to be strong from the outside but are sensitive from inside. In initial interactions they may be shy but they soon gell up well. 
  • Soldier position: you would definitely be of a quit and introvert nature if you sleep in this position which is usually lying on the back with both the hands on wither sides. They have a high regard for themselves and the people that mix with. 
  • Log Position: those who sleep with both their arms and body on one side are usually very relaxed and easy going souls. They are very social and let themselves mix in the crowd but at the same time they may be gullible. 
  • Free fall position: If your family says that you sleep on your front with your hands around the pillow then get this clear you are of a brash nature, incapable to take criticism or tough situations and is also very nervy and shallow in character. 
  • The yearner position: these people are actually open up quite easily but are very suspicious in nature. Often cynical they take time to make decisions but once made they are least likely to alter it. They sleep on any one of the sides with outstretched hands.
  • Starfish Position: for those who lie on their back and their arms are found around the pillows they are actually very good in friendship. They are of the receptive and philanthropic in nature. They are one of the last people who would desire to be the centre of attention. 

It is not that these positions are the last to be found as there are other positions as well. There are even many who change positions which can be seen as a change in their personality. Body language is a proven science and Professor Chris Idzikowski, director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service, has analysed these above sleeping positions. 

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