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5 Things That Helps Developers or Designers

Here I want to share for my developers and designer friends , what I found to help us to create a better website .

1. To find technology of a website :

Some times we need to know that a website is built on which technology or programming language . Here I found www.builtwith.com .

BuiltWith Technology Lookup


Builtwith tells us the framework , language , server info, plugin information, script information event jquery . I prefer this site as these site gives me the information about all under one roof.

2. To find Load of the website:

Now a days for SEO loading time of your site is very important. So, here it is, www.loadimpact.com 

Load Impact On Demand Website Load Testing and Performance Testing Service


It’s free to use , it gives the result of load time of page , usage and bandwidth report. Generally we used to check how are our sites are capable to take load of users.

3. Load Testing 

www.webpagetest.org this is one of the best I found , as, it gives me the facility to check my site in different time zone with different browsers.

WebPagetest Website Performance and Optimization Test



4. Responsive Layout Testing

Resposive Design Testing Responses

When you are making an responsive layout web site , you need to check that it should response in all standard resolutions. Here is the free online  testing tool where you check your site on different resolution at a time .  Check your site now.


Ramen Dey

Hi, to my all friends , this blog for you to just share my knowledge on different sections .

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