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How to Setup Yii in Your Local Server

To setup Yii Web application in your local server (Xammp / Wamp /Easy PHP  etc) on your Windows PC / Desktop /Server , here are steps:
First Got to Desktop right click on My Computer icon -> Properties
Now go for “Environment Variables”. Now go for “System Variables” , and find “Path” variable. Now Edit that and add the following line at the end of the existing line:
(N.B. : – I have installed Xammp on E : , if you have installed it elsewhere , please change the path respectively)
Please check the attach image for more.
N.B. Please reboot the system for get better result.
Step 2: Edit Yii Batch File 
Now go to your yii folder , which you have download Yii Framework in your web root folder. Then go framework folder and open the “yiic.bat” in Note Pad or any other Text Editor.
 And set the path of “php.exe” here :
set PHP_COMMAND=E:\xampp\php\php.exe
Now, you have completed the set up ,and you are ready to kick off for your first Yii Web Application.
Step 3:
Open Command Prompt and go to your web root folder :
For mine , it’s E drive. Then enter into yii folder and type the following command to create your first project “helloyii”
E:\xampp\htdocs\yii>yiic webapp helloyii
That’s it , have a enjoy Yii .

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