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New tags in HTML5

Now a days HTML so easy with HTML5, which is the fifth version HTML (created in 1990 and standardized as HTML 4 in 1997). HTML5 came with a no of features, I tried to figure out here some of them:

1. Offline: Means browser support . HTML5 support Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, Opera MINI, Opera Mobile, IE 10+ , Safari, Android even iOS.

2. Web Storage: It supports web storage like localStorage[“name”] = name; even with JSON. It also works with SQL DB easily.

3.  File Access: It supports provides very powerful APIs with binary data and local connectivity.

4. Multimedia: It supports Audio & Video Elements for all well known browsers.

and many more.


HTML5 has different tag for implement HTML code. There are all new tags are given below.

Tag Description
<article> Specifies an article
<aside> Specifies content aside from the page content
<audio> Specifies sound content
<bdi> For bi-directional text formatting
<canvas> Define graphics
<command> Specifies a command
<data> Allows for machine-readable data to be provided
<datagrid> Allows for an interactive representation of tree, list, or tabular data
<datalist> Specifies an “autocomplete” dropdown list
<details> Specifies details of an element
<embed> Specifies external application or interactive content
<eventsource> Specifies a target for events sent by a server
<figcaption> Specifies caption for the figure element.
<figure> Specifies a group of media content, and their caption
<footer> Specifies a footer for a section or page
<header> Specifies a group of introductory or navigational aids, including hgroup elements
<hgroup> Specifies a header for a section or page
<keygen> Generates a key pair
<mark> Specifies marked text
<meter> Specifies measurement within a predefined range
<nav> Specifies navigation links
<output> Specifies some types of output
<progress> Specifies progress of a task of any kind
<ruby> Specifies a ruby annotation (used in East Asian typography)
<rp> Used for the benefit of browsers that don’t support ruby annotations
<rt> Specifies the ruby text component of a ruby annotation.
<section> Specifies a section
<source> Specifies media resources
<summary> Specifies a summary / caption for the <details> element
<time> Specifies a date/time
<track> Specifies a text track for media such as video and audio
<video> Specifies a video
<wbr> Specifies a line break opportunity for very long words and strings of text with no spaces.

Bivash Kanti Pal

Hi guys, This is the place where developers are sharing there thoughts....

One thought on “New tags in HTML5

  • August 19, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    Yes Bivash,, but most of the tags has partial support in modern browsers. For this reason now different types of frameset comes in the market to treating same look and feel for all the browser.


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